Property investing mentoring & coaching

As a property mentor I offer exclusive, bespoke coaching on a 1-1 basis which is tailored to your needs,.

Generally we continually find  individuals and clients a bit nervous getting into property investing?

Understandably it is not a risk free form of business, we hold our clients hand through the process.

For investors who have the strong passion and drive to generate wealth and have financial security, or for those with pension, we make property investing a walk in the park.

Maybe you’ve started out on your property journey, attended a course, written copious notes and come away fired up, only to find the reality of actually doing it is more difficult than you envisaged.

We work with investors who already own small portfolios but would like more interesting strategies. We work to carry along these investors on the high yielding current trends in the market.

Through my mentoring, and coaching, you will learn how to replicate or better my success through my own expertise and network of valuable contacts.

We teach our clients how to work independently, and how to upscale their portfolio themselves while giving them all the support they require.

We teach cost saving techniques in property investing as well as how to avoid the common pitfalls in property.


 How to structure their  property business

How to form safe joint venture alliances

How to source below market value properties

Working with estate agents

How to close more deals

How to build a solid positive cash flow

How to maximise profits during renovations

How to understand basic property investing calculations

How to arrange finance for your investment 

Identify strategies for Buy and Hold, Buy and Sell on, or Buy-To-Let

How to buy at auction, what you should know – the benefits and pitfalls

How to choose and work  a builder

How to refurbish, and how to budget

How to build your power team, appoint tradesmen and purchase material at the right price

How to prepare/stage  your property for sale or rent

How to set up tenancies and deal with tenants

How to find and keep good tenants

Understanding tax implications on your strategies,

How to work with the council


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